Work in Progress: Cable Knit Blanket

When we moved to Pasadena, Eric and I didn’t have a couch. We finally picked one and waited (im)patiently for it for it to be delivered. It’s a lovely wheat-colored suede, and we love it, but it looks a little empty without some throw pillows and a blanket for afternoons of cozy reading. Enter Operation Knitting.

I realize I haven’t ever posted here about knitting, but it’s a pretty regular part of my life. It just isn’t every day that I finish something! I’m grateful to have several awesome aunts who tag teamed teaching me to knit when I was younger, and then I was able to spend a January term in college sharpening my skills. That’s when I learned the cable stitch and how to knit on circular needles, both of which are now a regular part of my repertoire.

I am using this free pattern, which I adapted slightly, and some pale blue yarn that I got on super sale at the craft store after Christmas. It makes me happy to think that the whole project is costing me less than a finished blanket would at some places, but it’s brought me many more hours of pleasure than money could measure. This week I went to a knitting group and met some wonderful ladies, and it was so lovely to knit and chat with them. One of them brought a huge bag of Meyer lemons for us for the taking, so you can expect to see them making an appearance here soon!

I am having lots of fun with this project, and it’s definitely the biggest thing I’ve made so far, but it doesn’t always go smoothly. Today, after I’d taken these pictures and planned this blog post, I irreparably dropped a handful of stitches and had to pull several rows out and start again: no easy task with 120 stitches! But I guess that’s life, and knitting always keeps us on our toes. I’m looking forward to showing off the finished product–only five feet or so left to knit!

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