Joy the Baker Cookbook!

I love Joy the Baker. We all do. She’s so ridiculously talented and creative and hilarious. And you just cannot go wrong with her vibrant and flavorful recipes. They are perfection every time. I’ve been really excited for her cookbook to come out, and I was even more excited to find that she was doing her first book signing in my backyard, at Vroman’s in Pasadena. (Vroman’s is not actually my literal backyard. But it would be awesome if it were). Eric and I headed over there last night to meet her and get a copy of the glorious book!

The crowd was kind of huge, and they actually ran out of books long before the signing started–luckily, my sweet and intrepid husband grabbed one of the last ones for me!

Eventually, tiny and adorable Joy appeared from somewhere deep in the hidden recesses that every bookstore must have, and she waited patiently while she was very kindly introduced. Good posture, Joy! I am sure my mom would kill to find me idly sitting like that instead of all curled up like a question mark!

She spoke for a bit about her inspirations, and then there were lots of really interesting questions, about things like happy accidents in the kitchen, why fondant is awful, and the best bakeries in LA. Fun! Joy then very kindly signed all of our books for us, which took over an hour and, I’m sure, left her smiling muscles exhausted. But she was so very sweet!

I was telling her about how I was determined to have more pie in my life and about how I might never use another chocolate cake recipe again because of the sheer perfection of hers, and while I was blathering on, she was writing this in my book. So sweet.

She even made these bookmarks for us as a thank you gift, featuring her cat! She told me that Tracy from Shutterbean designed them, and that just made them even better!

Eric took this picture of us. It makes me smile. Thank you, Joy, for a lovely evening, and for your book, which is a treasure! I have already been stockpiling all the recipes I want to try in the next few weeks. Carrot cake pancakes! Lavender lemon bars! Avocado pound cake! I can’t wait to get baking!

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