Channeling Nanny

My grandmother, who was lovingly called Nanny by all of us kids, was an amazing lady. She was smart as a whip, a wizard in the kitchen, and she’d enfold you in hugs that made the rest of the world disappear. She passed away just after her 50th wedding anniversary, when I was 16, but she left us so many wonderful ways to remember her. One of them is the family history she put together with my grandfather: family trees, stories of life decades ago, and lots and lots of pictures. My sweet cousin updated the book recently, so it has been much on my mind, but especially this one picture of her from half a century ago. She is so lovely.

Last week I found this dress at the thrift store, and it immediately made me think of her. The stripes and the gorgeous shade of green were beguiling enough for a $3 splurge, but mostly I just couldn’t stop imagining that this was a dress my Nanny might have worn when she was young.

I love the unusual buttons and the way they file off to one side of the dress, slightly asymmetrically.

The belt is another thrift store find, from years ago, I think. My belt collection is rather out of control, but, then again, I am not very good at resisting shiny things. Especially when they only cost a dollar!

These are my birthday earrings from this past year, another great find. Every dress can use a touch of purple.

These heels are Nine West, and I found them in the giveaway pile at Eric’s old apartment. That apartment was so good to me! So I suppose this whole outfit is thrifted. I think Nanny would have approved.

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