A Moment from Our Wedding Day

I haven’t written about our wedding here yet, maybe because I have so much to say about it! It was such a beautiful day, made all the sweeter by the wonderful people who came to share it with us. There were some stressful moments here and there, as there always are at weddings, but the day was just magical, and I am so happy that we had it all captured by the incredible Amy Dale. She is seriously the best, and she is as kind as she is talented. Eric and I are just now getting around to going through all of the pictures to pick the ones we’ll put in our album. So many happy memories! Last night we turned on our reception playlist while we clicked through hundreds of gorgeous images, stopping every now and then to dance to some of our favorite songs. The picture above is one of the very last ones taken that day, after the ceremony, the reception, and the final photo shoots. I love it not only because it is beautiful, but because our hands clasped together illustrate what we were thinking at that moment: “We did it! We’re a team!”
I’ll post more pictures from the wedding soon, but I just had to share this little moment from our special day.
(Photo Credit: http://www.amydalephotography.com/)

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