A Few Happy Things

These Friday posts are kind of turning into spaces of weeklong retrospective and reflection, and I think I’m a fan of that. Here are a few little things that make me happy this week. I went to a knitting group meeting and met tons of awesome ladies. It was so lovely, and I can’t wait to get to know them all better. To top it off, one of them brought a huge cache of Meyer lemons for us, so I took a bag full of them home with me. My (muffin!) cup overflows! This small of act of kindness was the cherry on top of an already wonderful evening. I have already baked a Meyer lemon pecan bundt cake (recipe coming soon!) and I am plotting all the things I’ll do next: Meyer lemon tart, Meyer lemon curd, preserved Meyer lemons, Meyer lemon lavender madeleines…Any other ideas?

I have more buttons that I know what to do with, and this makes me happy. Yesterday I spread them out to admire them (well, this is actually only about one third of them). They are so bright and beautiful, and I have about a thousand project ideas for them. Hurray! Also, although I did not arrange it this way on purpose, the buttons are kind of laid out in the shape of a heart. Pretty!

My mom and dad gave me this adorable owl mug for Christmas, and yesterday I filled it to the brim with my favorite tea, Earl Grey, with a splash of milk. My love for coffee knows no bounds, but tea is just as wonderful in its own subtle way, especially when it ushers in an indulgent afternoon pause from the hustle and bustle of the day. Each of these pictures represents a tiny moment in my week for which I’m so grateful. There are more of them than I could ever fit here, but their abundance just makes me treasure them all the more.

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