These Boots Were Made for Walking

I have been having a blast tromping all over Aspen in my cowboy boots. But that definitely wasn’t the case before I got my boot chains, back when I was slipping on every patch of ice. I had thought chains were only for tires, but oh, naive Southern girl was I! These things strap right onto your shoes and give you awesome traction. They have made my week!

In addition to keeping me stable, they make the most wonderful crunching noise when I walk on snow and ice. I like crunches of all kinds. The first day I wore these, I felt like I probably looked a little strange, but now I am fully embracing the boot chain look, and I’ve started to see lots of the tell-tale wire coil tracks in the snow on the trails. In case you have any ice and snow to trek through, these are called YakTrax, and they are great. Happy stomping (and crunching!)

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