The Jerome

The Hotel Jerome opened in Aspen in 1889, and it has been dazzling people ever since. It is a grand hotel in every sense of the word, and although we’re not staying there, we have definitely made a few visits to drink in the ambiance.

The hotel has several restaurants and bars, and a few nights ago we had dinner at the legendary J-Bar. I loved how wonderfully old the place felt, from its faded pictures to its velvet drapes and ornate wallpaper.

I really did like that wallpaper.

And who wouldn’t want to eat dinner under the watchful eye of this guy?

The Jerome also has a lovely and antique little bar called The Library (I know, best name ever), which I’m hoping we’ll get to visit in the next few days. The bartender is a noted preservationist of pre-prohibition cocktails, and that sounds pretty great to me.

I saved the best part for last. Aspen is incredible at night, especially with all of the holiday lights still up, casting a warm glow onto the snow, but I quite truthfully stopped in my tracks when I saw the Jerome’s courtyard all lit up in the snow. My mouth dropped, and I immediately said to Eric, “Let’s get married here!” And then I remembered that we are already married. And that a wedding in the snow might not be the kindest thing for our guests. But I enjoyed imagining it nonetheless.

I think this courtyard is at least worthy of some waltzing. And maybe some twirls. It’s just so magic.

And I think I’ll remember this magic moonlit night for many years to come.

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