Corn Kernel Necklace

Eric’s parents are some of the sweetest people I know in the whole world. Having Eric in my life is already a gift beyond belief, but I never dreamed I’d marry into such a wonderful family. I love visiting them on their beautiful farm in Illinois, where the delights of summer include rowing in a boat on the pond, chasing frogs, spotting owls and deer, welding and shooting practice, and some seriously delicious food. Every fall when Eric’s parents harvest their crops, they send each of their two boys an ear of corn from the field, just so they’ll feel part of something that’s very important in their family, and so they’ll know that they’re being thought of back home, even though they can’t be there. When Eric and I started dating, I got my very own ear of corn too. 🙂 This year we received our first joint ear of corn, which we displayed on the table with some pretty pumpkins for the fall. As the corn was drying out and we were shifting into winter, I began to think of other lives this corn might have. A few kernels fell off every now and then, and thus an idea was born: a corn necklace!

Eric wasn’t sure at first if it could be done, but I did a few test pokes with my sewing needle and found that it would indeed go through the kernel! It required just a bit of pressure, but not too much.

Once I had all the kernels off the cob (and isn’t the cob pretty too?!), I sorted them a bit by size and then started threading them onto my needle. I just used my everyday sewing needle and a doubled-up length of silver thread, which I break out a lot for making necklaces because it is unobtrusive.

I had this necklace together in a jiffy, and I *love* to wear it. Sending us the corn is such a sweet gesture, and this necklace reminds me of that.

This is a special kind of corn, I should say, one with an already low moisture, so it lends itself very well to a project like this. I would think you could easily make a necklace with the decorative corn that’s sold in the fall, but probably not summer sweet corn. Popcorn kernels might possibly work, though I think of them as a bit harder, and, of course, your necklace would not be microwave-proof! 🙂

Eric’s parents came to see us for the holidays, and I was so happy to have this necklace ready to show them. I like to have them close to my heart, even when they are far away.

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