Aspen: The View From Here

I’m incredibly lucky to get to tag along with Eric to Aspen, where he’s attending a conference. The arrangements really came together at the last minute, so it feels especially like an unexpected gift. Saturday we made it to Denver, but then our flight to Aspen was canceled due to a storm. We made it in with no trouble on Sunday afternoon, and now we’re taking it all in!

Neither of us has ever been to a place like this, such a storybook winter wonderland. Neither of us has ever stayed at a place in which our immediate view out the window is a gigantically tall mountain. It is truly majestic.

And they’ve still got their holiday decorations up, which is extra charming. I really like this picture because of the icicle on the lamp post. I didn’t notice until this moment that there are two people hugging in the bottom of the frame, and that makes me like it even more.

Since we got here, I have been hilariously (and rather dangerously) sliding around in my cowboy boots on the ice (shouldn’t they be all-terrain?!), and our first mission was to find snow chains for my boots! I didn’t even know they made those, but Eric is a genius, and they are now in my possession, so the sliding is at a bare minimum. Success!

We are staying at the sweetest B&B, and there is a balcony overlooking Main Street. Aspen got 13 inches of much-needed snow last night, so this is what it currently looks like.

It’s actually really tolerable out in the afternoon sun, so maybe I will do a bit of reading on this rocker tomorrow.

Our hotel has several hot tubs, steaming up into the snow. Eric wonders about the logic of wearing a bathing suit in freezing temperatures, but I am holding out hope that it will be fun!

I am so excited about all the things we’ll be seeing and doing and eating this week. If anyone has recommendations, please send them my way!

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