Aspen Rainbow

The predominant color of Aspen in the winter is white, as gorgeous undulating fields of snow stretch out in every direction. But I have also been surprised and thrilled to find that Aspen is so full of color, and it looks especially charming on the gorgeous historic buildings in the downtown area. Without further ado, here is my Aspen rainbow! We start, of course, with red. This is Little Annie’s Eating House, which is just as darling as it looks.  It’s a real locals’ joint, with hearty food and desserts as big as your head (I know because I ate one. Yum!) The bar gets kind of rowdy some nights, but it feels so homey that you never mind.

Next comes orange, which we see here on the sign for a lovely little cafe right across the street from the ski lifts. So pretty. Also, they roast their own beans, and their slogan is “Coffee above all else,” so they have already won my heart. I definitely plan on camping out there today while we’re waiting to head to the airport.

This bright yellow building was one of the first that caught my eye as I walked through town. Bonus points for the cowboy boots, of course!

No rainbow would be complete without green. I passed this gorgeous doorway on my way back to the hotel one afternoon and had to take a picture. I love the orange leaf accents too!

I loved the blue trim on this historic building. It houses several seriously high-end boutiques, so I just admired it from the outside. Thrift stores are more my cup of tea, and thankfully there’s a great one in Aspen!

And finally we come to purple, which is the best color, at least in my rainbow! I have always been a devotee of the printed word, and periodicals are no exception. So I am pretty much in love with the Aspen Times building, nestled in the shadow of a giant mountain. Even the newspaper racks are brightly colored. This is small-town beauty at its finest.

Aspen is as thoroughly modern as it is historic, though, and this is where all the colors come together! These bright containers are marking the future home of the new building of the Aspen Art Museum. Lovely!

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