La Note

La Note in Berkeley is a place near and dear to the hearts of many, a place you’d be willing to stand out in the cold for an hour to get into, a place you’d be willing to shiver on a garden patio in December for, if necessary. Oh yes. This weekend was the perfect storm of celebrations: Eric’s birthday, my dissertation filing, and our first trip back to the Bay since we moved down south in August. Eric flew in on Friday night, and this was the first place on his agenda, so off we trotted into the cold:)

Although we arrived at 10 on a Saturday morning, we got incredibly lucky because they opened the garden patio a few minutes after we arrived. We were whisked away to a lovely little table, and at least one of the heat lamps near our table worked, which was a gift. I used to think having to suffer through this kind of weather to eat delicious food was just a crime, but now I find that I am willing to pay the price…and it wasn’t *so* cold anyway, thankfully!

After a quick perusal of the menu of delights, I ordered a double cafe noisette and warmed myself with its delicious and perfect foam.

While we were waiting for our food, I went about exploring to revisit all my favorite little things about this sweet French cafe. Here is the patio, in part, although from this angle you can’t see the lemon tree and the avocado tree.

Here is the narrow wood-planked walkway out to the patio.

And here is the jam-packed and bustling interior, full of warmth and soft light.

Even the bathrooms are French:)

But the most important thing is clearly the food:) I usually get the lemon gingerbread pancakes with poached pears, but this time I went for the raspberry oatmeal pancakes, which were absolutely perfect: so light and fluffy and full of flavor. Eric had the cinnamon brioche French toast, which I found astoundingly good, but alas, it disappeared before I took a picture! I am so glad we were able to come because La Note is truly a special occasion kind of place, where one commemorates the passing of exams, the end of grading marathons, the completion of degrees. How sweet to celebrate here one last time:)

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