Krug the Thinker, Ph.D.

The fateful day has finally come: today I officially submitted my signature page to the university and got my Ph.D. lollipop! Woohoo!

As I arrived on campus this afternoon, I realized that someone had hung little hearts on Sather Gate: so sweet! I know they weren’t for me, but they made me feel happy and welcomed. An added bonus of the day was that I got to see so many lovely friends, the people who formed the fabric of my life here in Berkeley. I also had some really positive farewell meetings with my professors. I couldn’t feel more grateful. Time to celebrate! 🙂

The hilarious part of all of this was that it was all accomplished…with salsa on my jeans! Everything was going so smoothly with the trip, and when I hit the streets of Berkeley, I decided to have my favorite burrito for lunch. It is so succulently meaty and delicious (it is the blurry culprit in the picture above) that it can only be eaten with a knife and fork. I was being very careful, and then, whoosh: salsa all over my jeans! I washed it out pretty well, and there was no stain, but I felt like I smelled nice and taco-licious for the rest of the day!

This day is so wonderful, though, that no salsa can spoil it:)

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