Eat My Blog Recap: A Visual Feast

This past week I was baking away for the Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale, which took place in Pasadena this Saturday. Holy moly was there a lot of deliciousness going on, but also, everything was so *pretty*! I did my best to contribute to the overall effect:) Above are my labels, which I cut with my new circle-cutter toy: fun!

When I tied them onto my loaves of pumpkin bread, I thought they looked like little Christmas ornaments, and this made me happy!

A few days before the event, the wonderful Cathy Chaplin of Gastronomy Blog released the full menu of goodies, and it was seriously impressive! Black forest brownies. Lemon-lavender madeleines. Rosemary olive oil teacakes. Oh. my. goodness. I had already dropped off my pumpkin loaves the night before, but Eric and I headed over as soon as we could to get some treats! This is just part of one of the two packed tables. So many goodies!

It was a gorgeous day in Pasadena (actually, it was even a little hot!), and I was so excited to see lots of people swarming around the tables:) We kept going back and forth, adding new things to our bag each time. We are still eating our way through them, but so far my absolute favorite has been the chocolate-dipped pecan pie by SarahtheBear. I wish I had bought all of them!

Those pretty little guys with flowers are coconut panna cottas with rum banana jam. WOW.

There were savory treats as well as sweet ones:)

And there was truffle dust. I think I have made my case. 🙂

I was happy to see my little loaves among the prettiness, with the cutest little sign. I am not sure who does the graphic design for Eat My Blog, but it is awesome!

The best part is that the event was a huge success, raising over $4000 for the LA Regional Foodbank! Hurray! Thank you so much to all who baked and all who came, but most especially to Cathy for spearheading the whole event, and to her husband Vernon, who helped a ton and contributed some truly awesome chocolate chip cookies!

This was the 4th Eat My Blog, and I am already excited for the 5th! It was truly an honor to participate, and I am grateful to have met so many wonderfully talented, creative, and generous people. Looking forward to seeing you at 5.0!

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