DIY Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornaments

In the past few weeks, I’ve been drooling over all the pretty Christmas crafts on Pinterest and dreaming about the day (very soon!) when I will actually have time to make some of them. I found myself with a little pocket of time today (hurray!) and decided to make these cute little ornaments. I’d already planned to make a lot of ornaments for our tree, since we don’t have too many, and these are cute and pretty AND easy, and I cannot tell you how much fun it was to have a needle in my hand again after these crazy few weeks. Hurray!

Remember when I made my fall leaf garland? I had this big beautiful pile of felt scraps leftover from that project, and it made me feel good to put them to use.

I started by cutting two circles out of each color of felt (well, approximations of circles…they are perfectly imperfect!), and then I did the embroidery on just one circle, so the thread (or in my case, the yarn) would be hidden inside.

Once I finished the embroidery (and I just made up fun patterns as I went), I started stitching the two circles together along the outside edge. When it got close to being sealed, I stuffed a nice blob of Poly-fil in there and then stitched it all the way closed. Magic!

Once the ornament was finished, I just tied a little loop of ribbon onto the back, and it was ready to hang! I liked it so much that I made another one.

And another one! Our guest bed is now covered in felt scraps, which I plan to work through in the next few days, needle in hand. I thought about waiting until I had a little baker’s dozen to post them, but I was too excited to wait, especially since some of you may be working on trimming your trees already (we, ahem, bought ours the day after Thanksgiving)! I hope you have fun with these, and that you’re having a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

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