Button Snowflake Ornaments

I think this will be the last batch of ornaments I make for our tree this year: I have to get on to the baking! Nonetheless, I am really happy I finished these up today and equally glad to have found another creative way to use my huge button collection. I found the idea for this project on Pinterest (source link here), and I tweaked it a little.

Since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks, I used q-tips as the base instead. I am always gluing q-tips together on the most bizarre surfaces, and this is no exception. Here we have some proto-snowflakes on top of the announcement that the NYT rate is going up again. This is only a tiny sadness, though, considering the amount of happiness my Sunday paper brings me. I don’t mind paying for good journalism. But apparently I also don’t mind constructing q-tip crafts on top of it either! (Don’t ming those big blobs of glue–the buttons will cover them up).

Once the proto-snowflakes were dry, I glued buttons on (I stuck with a white and cream theme, but you could use any color you like), starting from the center, and then glued in a little loop of ribbon at the top. That’s all there is to it!

I hung my three little guys on the tree this evening, and, I have to say, they look lovely, and I’m so pleased that our first tree looks so bright and vibrant: hurray!

I have been thinking a lot about ornaments today, and about the ones I remember most from our tree at home. There are a few snowmen I really like, and a globe with a map etched on it that is a perennial favorite, but mostly I’ve been remembering the ones that my brothers and I made: lopsided Rudolphs and falling-apart snowflakes and holiday wreaths, shedding glitter and cotton balls all over the tree skirt. My parents put them up on the tree every year, and even though I have no recollection of making those ornaments, I do remember feeling proud when we put them on display. It feels very strange that it’s December 22nd already and I’m not on my way to Memphis–it’s a trip I’ve taken every year for the past eleven, and it was always such a special one. My dad would always pick me up at the airport and whisk me off to a warm and welcoming home, where the tree was  lit, Christmas music played, and there were enough hugs and holiday treats to last until the new year. This year I have a new home, for home will always be wherever Eric is, and while we don’t yet have any construction paper Santas or clothespin reindeer to display, I’d like to think I’m doing my part with these little snowflakes. 😉

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