Tape Paintings

I found the idea for this awesome project on Pinterest, of course, and the source link is here. Eric and I have  lots of open wall space in our new apartment, so I am always looking for projects to help me populate them! The idea is simple, but beautiful: tape lines onto a canvas with sturdy painter’s tape, fill in the open spaces with paint, and then remove the tape after the paint dries. The original posting suggests using spray paint, but I wanted to paint them by hand to give them some brushstroke texture (and maybe I also just like the feeling of a paintbrush in my hand!)

I actually got my color scheme from a display of purses I saw at Target–you never know when inspiration will strike! I loved the yellow, blue, and green together, and I took a picture of the display with my phone, not really thinking anything would come of it. But then I saw this project, and I knew just what to do!

I laid my tape on pretty loosely, because I kind of wanted the messiness of the paint seeping through the lines, but if you want the lines to be very clean, just apply the tape very smoothly and make sure it is pressed all the way down.

I just bought all these art supplies a few weeks ago with my birthday money (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and I have been having all kinds of fun playing with them. I did a lot of paint mixing to get the colors I wanted, and I liked this little paint peacock that appeared a few coats through. 🙂 This is just basic acrylic paint from the craft store, nothing fancy. It comes in a plastic tube and isn’t pricey at all.

I ended up putting several coats of paint on all three of these because I wanted to color to be very rich and vibrant, but it might be fun to experiment with lighter paint coverage too.

I worked on these paintings over the course of a week or so, and it was fun to see them take shape!

I found it kind of funny that, of all the paint I bought, yellow was the first color I ran out of! I definitely felt like I was painting up some sunshine on chilly days!

Long before I had them done, I knew I wanted to hang them above our bed, and , happily, Eric felt the same way! It took forever to hang them, but I am in love with the way they look, and I am so happy we finally have some art on our walls!

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