Shorts in November

Eric and I had such a lovely holiday weekend. We got to spend a beautiful four days together, and we cooked up a storm and did lots of exploring. The weather was incredible as well, topping out at 80 degrees this weekend. Crazy! But I’m not exactly complaining, odd as it may be to decorate a Christmas tree in such temperatures!

I’m happy to find that fall does come to Pasadena, if only a little late: the trees have been absolutely gorgeous in the past week, aflame with color. I love it, even if I am sweating while appreciating it. 🙂

This afternoon, I found myself in shorts and a sleeveless top. All of this was sort of an excuse to show off my amazing new shoes, another glorious thrift store find: are they not wonderful? I love everything about them, from their tiny little heel to their flood of colors to the little studs on the toes. Someone more sensible might have chosen a monochromatic look to highight the shoes, but oh no, I decided to celebrate color with more color!

This silk top is an old Bargain Barn find, and it’s definitely a favorite of mine. It has these cute ties at the top, although they are so short I can’t find a way to tie them. Maybe they are just supposed to make you feel a bit like a sailor? I also really love the side panel, with its little slice of diagonal stripes.

The belt is a classic Jun Lee find, and I wear it all the time. I love it with red (and, well, almost every other color too!)

My earrings are also from Jun Lee, and I wore them to give a little echo to the toes of my shoes. 🙂

I can’t wait to write more about our adventures this week (Cornish hens! Pita bread! Baba ghanoush! Santa Monica!) My heart is just overflowing with thankfulness, not only for all the wonders of the past week, but for the blessings too big to even properly put into words: for my husband, for my family, for love. I hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

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