Red and Teal Revisited

Living in Southern California is a many-splendored thing, even if the general practice of surfing at the beach every weekend remains a myth. We have sunshine, and lots of it, and when it does rain, we actually have thunder and lightning (which seem not to exist in the Bay area, somehow…) Our little neighborhood is so cute and walkable, and so close to Eric’s work, that there really is very little to complain about. However, when a fall-loving girl sees shops filled with autumn colors and friends’ pictures of gorgeous trees, that girl sometimes misses living in a land that has seasons. This past week, driving down the street, I saw a bright orange persimmon tree in bloom, and it made me so happy I almost cried. So when Eric told me that he’d found some spots on campus with fall leaves, I was ecstatic! Best husband ever! We set out today for a true fall photo shoot, and it was even cool enough for me to wear my wool jumper and boots.

These boots come from my thrifting mecca, the Bargain Barn. They are so beautifully made and so comfortable, and I love the little straps on them. They are from Ecuador, so I suppose maybe someone bought them on the trip of a lifetime, and then realized they were not exactly suited to the climate of Memphis, Tennessee. Fear not, vacationer, I am putting your boots to good use!

When I saw the leaves Eric was talking about, this is what I did, before he even knew what I was doing!

I grabbed a pile of leaves…

Threw them in the air…

And grinned like a five-year-old! That’s just how fall leaves make me feel:)

I was also happy to have the chance to wear some of my favorite pieces of bling. I love pairing this periwinkle necklace with the bright red of this jumper. My mom found it, along with a hot pink twin, at an estate sale, and was kind enough to give them to me.

My mom also gave me these adorable turquoise cowboy boot earrings. I think she found them in San Diego. I really like how, in this picture, it looks like the boot is kicking my hair!

I think this bracelet also came from my awesome aunt Ellen. I love the pretty etchings on it.

This wool jumper is from my favorite clothing swap party (ah, how I miss you!) It is surprisingly warm for a little dress, and I love its big buttons and pockets! The shirt is also from the Bargain Barn, mother of all thrift stores! A few years ago, I would never have thought to put red and teal together, but now it is one of my favorite color combinations. Thank you to all the fashionable ladies who inspired me to take chances with color! I hope you all are enjoying fall as much I am!

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