Purple, Tweed, and Pearls

One of the most lovely things about living where we do is that we are surrounded by lots of tiny little towns, which are really cute and fun. On Saturday Eric and I headed out to explore Sierra Madre, a lovely town with a clear view of the mountains and lots of little shops, cafes, and historical buildings. They had just decorated for Christmas, so we loved seeing all the wreaths and trees and ribbons!

The best part was that we found so many beautiful fall leaves! Hurray! And it was actually pretty chilly, so we felt very autumn! I love how my shoes are completely buried in the leaves 🙂 These shots were taken in front of a church that was built in 1890. And I thought that was pretty awesome.

This outfit is comprised of some of my favorite pieces. The tweed skirt (with the cutest kick pleats, and a satin lining to boot!) came from my favorite clothing swap party. It reminds me of my dear friend Aly, who is always so classy and would look so elegant in this skirt:) Of course, I had to add bright colors: this purple silk top is from the Bargain Barn. I kind of love its ridiculous poofy sleeves, as well as the pleat down the front and the tiny gold button at the collar. (And by sheer coincidence, I had just painted my nails purple. Color coordination FTW!)

The belt too is from the Bargain Barn, and my shoes, which I realize you can’t see at all, are brown suede flats that my mom bought me for my birthday a few years ago: thanks, Mom! I had grand plans to put some lipstick on and switch into some more colorful shoes, but I suppose the me you are seeing here is the everyday me, the me that is too cold for frippery! Soon I had to put my beloved thrifted corduroy coat back on to rescue me from the wind.

The earrings are really special to me. They are little black pearl studs that I bought on our honeymoon. If our time in Hawaii convinced me of anything (I mean besides the glories of the lanai and the luscious pineapple), it convinced me of my great love for oddly-shaped and colored pearls (this love was first kindled when Eric brought me back a set of beautiful burgundy pearls from Australia). So so lovely. I wanted to buy them all, everywhere we went, but I was very happy with this modest little pair. I love how they almost look like tiny shiny buttons.

So, this was our little photo shoot in the leaves! I will write more about Sierra Madre later this week, because it certainly deserves its own post: major cuteness! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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