Fall Leaf Garland

I saw this adorable project idea a while back on A Beautiful Mess, and I really wanted to try it. I love fall, and bright colors, so why not make a felt leaf garland to celebrate the season? Since there aren’t too many fall leaves around here, it seemed all the more reason to make my own!

I found some pretty felt squares on sale for a quarter each at my fabric store, and I grabbed them all! Okay, all of the colors, I mean. ūüôā And then I laid out my little supplies. I wanted to use this¬†scratchy¬†wool carpet yarn (since it has limited knitting function!), and I knew I wanted to hang my garland on our mantel. I did a little measuring and got to work!

My felt squares were 12×12, so I made little chalk marks as a guide, so I’d cut the leaves fairly evenly across three layers (I folded the squares over).

Here are my pretty little leaves! I used a tapestry needle to stitch them (since I needed a large eye to accommodate the yarn), and I cut the yarn into several pieces, since stitching with a long thread is often a recipe for tangles. When I was finished, I just knotted the ends together. Voila!

I hung my¬†garland¬†on our mantle, and now our living room looks a little more cheerful. I think I’ll make a new one next month for Christmas, since I like the look so much. Happy fall!

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