I am still slowly working my way through the treasure I found at the neighborhood thrift store, and in the meantime, I went back, on a lark, just to see if there was anything new. And there was! I got this beautiful dress, which I love–Eric says it reminds him of futurism, and, wherever my allegiances lie in terms of early twentieth-century Russian poetry, I really like the color-blocking! The accent color is actually a deep brown (instead of the black I usually wear with red), which I find really interesting and inspiring.

And these shoes! I fell in love with them (and was once again scampering back to the entrance of the store, juggling two handfuls of shoes, to grab a basket!), and I could not believe they fit me: oh happy day! They are Nine West, and the detailing is so lovely. Also, I love the two-tone effect and the chunky heel: fun! I have to admit that I bought 3 more pairs of shoes (in addition to the 6 pairs I bought last time I went!), and I also have to admit that the staff are starting to recognize me. I told them that this is my affordable luxury:) I have just been spending my birthday money, and everything is so amazingly cheap! So I have just decided to go with it: if shoes make me happy and can be obtained cheaply, then shoes it is!

I love pairing red with teal, so I knew this was the perfect necklace for this dress. It came down to me back when I was in high school from my awesome aunt Ellen. Many of you know my awesome aunt Ellen or had to a chance to meet her either at my brother’s wedding, or at my wedding. She is just the best, most hilarious and wickedly intelligent person you could ever hope to be related to. When she is around, there is always laughter. I love this necklace and love that she passed it on to me.

Ellen also gave me this bracelet, which I adore. It has two interlocking snakes as the clasp, which makes me feel a bit more in the Halloween spirit:) In this shot you can also see my beloved rings, which remind me every day of how incredibly blessed I am to share my life with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, I have to give him big props for being such an amazing support of all my endeavors, including these little photo shoots. He takes all the pictures, and he also always has an eye for good locations and lighting situations. He is the best. 😉

We had such a lovely Indian summer weekend (but I guess that is kind of the norm around here?), and I was amazed at how warm it was–initially I thought I was going to have to wear this dress with big boots, but it turned out to almost be too warm for even 3/4 sleeves today. But I’m not complaining!

I hope I’ll be able to break out my boots and tights at some point, but in the meantime, I’ve got plenty of new shoes to wear!

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