Stripes, Polka Dots, and a Little Shimmer

These amazing gold and silver flats were part of my bonanza at the thrift store last week. I have been dying to wear them! I threw this outfit together this morning, and Eric and I headed over to campus to take some pictures.

I am totally in love with this little belt–I think it came from a dress that didn’t fit me, but I am glad I held onto it! I love the stripes and the red:)

The skirt is one of my old favorites–an old-school tennis skirt that is so perfect for hot days like these!

This shirt is my “teacher shirt”–something about the ruffles made me feel magically authoritative, so I always used to try to wear it on my first day of teaching.

I think this little cardigan is from a clothing exchange party. I could not resist the polka dots! This little guy gets so much wear!

My mom, a fellow magpie, was kind enough to give me this silver necklace, which she found at our favorite thrift store. Having a mom with the same shopping priorities is so unquantifiably awesome!

I really don’t wear much makeup, but I have been having fun playing with it lately. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful makeup artist for our wedding, and she gave me a really natural look, which made me happy, because I wanted to look like myself. This is the lip combo I wore on that amazing day–just a nude liner with some shimmery lip gloss.  I love how it gives me a little shine without being too overwhelming! Kind of like these shoes 🙂

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