Stripes and Plaid

Eric and I had such a lovely weekend, the highlights of which were the sunshine and a wonderful dinner with friends at Wood Spoon. We also had fun taking a walk on Saturday and scouting out places for shooting pictures. The ones he takes are light years better than mine!

This was a really fun outfit to put together. The dress is one of my all-time faves, which I found at my most beloved thrift store. The turquoise top is one of several that I have, and I have to say that they are the most comfortable shirts I own! They also have a tiny pocket at the top, only big enough for a quarter or something equally tiny! I got a whole rainbow of them at a clothing swap party last spring: thank you, friend!

The vest is also from the Bargain Barn, as is this well-loved belt. You can see all the extra holes I’ve poked in it–gotta make it work! The earrings, which make a lovely chiming noise when I walk, are from H&M in Berlin, where I spent the summer several years ago.

The shoes are my standby Nine West heels, which, I am happy to report, are slowly getting more comfortable! I don’t think too much about “rules” in style, unless I am deliberately trying to break them. It’s much more fun to just go with whatever feels right, and this definitely felt like the perfect look for a summer afternoon. 🙂

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