South Pasadena Arts Crawl

This past Saturday Eric and I headed down to South Pasadena, a charming little town, for their annual Arts Crawl. There was music, there were food trucks, there was art everywhere, and there were tons of little kids in their Halloween costumes: a recipe for fun!

On the way to the festivities, we passed by this cute pumpkin patch, which obviously made my night, pumpkin lover that I am! They were actually setting up to project an old horror movie onto the wall of a neighborhood building when we walked by. Nice!

One of the best parts of the evening was watching the kids play. They had set up some drums made of plastic buckets and also an impressive organ-like structure made out of PVC pipes. It was loud, but it sounded pretty good! The art galleries all had candy out for the kids (and “monster blood” for the adults), and they were letting them paint owl masks for Halloween. So sweet! There was a big crowd congregating around a toy store called Dinosaur Farm, which I think is basically the best toy store name ever, but maybe I just have dinosaurs on the brain. I have been telling Eric for weeks that I really want to be a dinosaur for Halloween, and I have been practicing my “RAWR!” and even pretending to have really short arms in case I should decide to be a T-Rex instead of, say, a stegosaurus. I better get to work on that costume! (On a slightly related note, Netflix, when will you put Jurassic Park up on Streaming?? I want to relive my childhood!)

After we walked around a bit, we were pretty hungry. We had just gone to the gym (for me, the first time in ages!), and we needed sustenance. Sadly, the trucks there weren’t really speaking to us–delicious, yes, I am sure, but we wanted something a bit more healthy than what we were seeing. Eventually inertia set in, and we settled on a truck. Eric ordered pulled pork, and I ordered chicken sliders.

The funny thing is that they gave us the wrong food: Eric wound up with Kobe beef sliders, and I think I had his pulled pork. We were too hungry to protest. It was pretty good, if a little salty. I didn’t take any pictures of the food (too busy chowing down, I guess), but those are our feet, waiting for our food against pretty purple lights.  I still can’t get over the fact that I can wear a tank top and flip flops at night in October! But I guess that’s the price we pay for not having pretty fall leaves. The other ridiculousness of this part of the evening was there was another guy getting food from this truck who looked a lot like Eric: same height, same hair color, similar clothes. In my hungry and half-focused state, I kept walking up to him (say, after fetching a fork or some mustard) and thinking he was Eric–I’m sure his wife loved that! Sorry, nice couple! I should be more attentive!

After we were fed, we walked down to the corner soda shop, which I’ve always wanted to try. The Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain has been in business since 1915, and it used to be a very popular stop on Route 66, part of which is now Fair Oaks. I love historical places like this, especially since I have driven through the West on I-40 a few times, and it was so charming inside. The ice cream looked great, so we may have to come back sometime! I also found this awesome hand-drawn map of where 66 used to run through LA, so I will be trying to hit these locales soon, I’m sure! It’s fascinating not just to imagine how things were when my parents took road trips in their childhood, but also to imagine that old Humbert Humbert might have stopped here to get a sundae for Lolita. I bet she would have loved it.

All in all, it was a lovely night in a lovely town. We really liked going to art events like this when we lived in Oakland, and, while this is a bit of a different scene, it felt welcoming, and it made us feel a little more at home. 🙂

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