Purple and Plaid

I have been so excited to show off my new purple suede boots! Their story begins with a pretty dull day. In the midst of the afternoon doldrums last week, I ran to Target to pick up a few things we needed. I was kind of in a sour mood, so I thought I might cheer myself up with some small prize, like a clearance scarf or some bubble bath or something. I didn’t find anything at all that looked appealing, and my mood grew even darker. But then I realized I was around the corner from my favorite thrift store. “I’ll swing by,” I thought, “just for a lark.” I didn’t expect to find anything, as I’d struck out the last few times I had been there, but a surprise was in store for me. It was a complete BONANZA!

I didn’t even pick up a basket at the entance, but just sauntered over to the shoes, where I could not believe my eyes. 30 seconds later I was hobbling back to the front door, clutching 4 pairs of shoes, to get a basket! They had so many amazing pairs, and they all fit me! *Magic!* I got some blue heels, which I’ve wanted for a long time, and some sweet white flats. I got some amazing black heels and some silver and gold strappy sandals. And I got some adorable red flats, but the prize of the litter was this perfect pair of purple suede boots! Purple is my most beloved color, so I was pinching myself!

I also picked up this little plaid skirt and a dress that I’m planning to repurpose. The grand total: $32. Amazing! I cannot say that these boots are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn, but oh my goodness do I love them!

I have had this yellow shirt for ages, which I sometimes wear with a black skirt for a bumblebee effect. 🙂

The jewelry is special to me. A friend of my husband’s family recently got a serious cancer diagnosis, and we sent a small donation to help with their treatment costs. The family organized an auction, and Eric’s parents used the money we sent to bid on this sweet necklace and bracelet set. I’m so touched that they thought of me at the auction, and wearing these pieces makes me feel closer to them, when they are so many miles away.

I will put together some looks with my other new shoes soon, but for now, I am still basking in the glory of these boots, and wondering at the magic little surprises that life holds for us, often when we least expect them.

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