DIY Button Belt

Some of you may remember my excitement about scoring a giant bag of buttons a few weeks ago at the PCC Flea Market. I’ve been slowly working on some projects with them, and the first one is finished! All you need to make your own button belt is a length of ribbon, a needle and thread, scissors, and, of course, buttons! I used a tape measure to get an approximate length on the ribbon, but you could also just wrap it around your waist and eyeball it.

I started by separating the buttons into sizes, and then picking the ones that fit most closely the width of my ribbon. I had all these gorgeous fall colors, but you can use any color scheme you like!

Then I threaded a needle to a length of about 15″. I wouldn’t sew on more than about 5 buttons at a time because the long thread can get unwieldy to work with. Definitely go over each stitch a second time to give it a strong hold.

I used this light blue thread because it has a little shimmer to it that I thought would complement the other colors well, but you can use any color you like:) Keep sewing on your buttons about 5 at a time until you reach the desired length. Then, trim the loose threads, and you’re done!

The ends of the belt tie in a  pretty bow at the back.

I hope to get an outfit post up with my new belt tomorrow–I have it all planned out, but it has been pouring rain all day (Bay area…are you following me??) , and there hasn’t been much light. If it’s still raining tomorrow, I’ll get out there with my umbrella!

This was a really fun and easy project–let me know if you make one too! I have tons of other button ideas, so they will be making some more appearances later this fall:)

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