Cute Kitchen Decor on the Cheap

I have been wanting to put this little project on the blog forever,but just finally got around to getting some decent photos (thank you, sweet husband!) I have had these beautiful illustrations from the back pages of Cooks Illustrated for years. I love their detail and how they represent the unbelievable bounty of food: so many colors, so many flavors, so many textures. I always held onto them, thinking how perfect they would be in the kitchen. Somehow they got buried in a box of possible wall hangings, and I just rediscovered them when we unpacked here in Pasadena. There’s nothing like the gold mine of finding things you had forgotten about: free and exhilarating, and you can give your past self a nice pat on the back for hanging onto something so great!

When we made our (inevitable) trip to Ikea this fall, I grabbed a handful of white frames that I thought might fit these illustrations. They were cheap, and I thought I’d give them a whirl, since I like white in the kitchen.

I put some of my favorite illustrations in said Ikea frames, and I really liked them: score! The problem was that I wanted to frame more of them, and Ikea is a bit of a drive from here…I convinced myself that under no circumstances could I make this huge trip just for the frames.

So I headed to our local dollar store and picked up some comparably sized bronze and silver frames. They were a little smaller than the white ones, but I decided I liked the shabby chic look.

I hung them up mere hours before my parents came to visit (nothing like guests to make you get your house in order!), and I used our nifty level to make sure they were hung reasonably straight. (My freshman dorm, in spite of its many aesthetic failings, had cinder block walls, which meant that it was effortless to hang things straight; ever since then, I’ve been at a loss!)

Even though I walk past these pictures dozens of times a day, I never get tired of looking at them, and that, I think, is a sign of decorating success!

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