Button Tree Paintings

I am, admittedly, late to the Pinterest party, but I am making up for it with my newfound obsession! I have found so many amazing ideas there, and I have been eager to work on them! My wonderful parents gave me some money for my birthday, so this weekend I (gleefully) bought a ton of art supplies. This is the project I was most excited about–and it provided yet another use for my millions of buttons! (I wasn’t able to find the person who came up with this idea through Pinterest, but if it is yours, I would love to credit you!)

I decided to use two canvases with a mirrored color scheme, and I used purple and silver because I love them so much. I gave the purple canvas two coats of paint for a deep color.

After they dried, I started painting the trees. I didn’t really follow a pattern, but just let my hand guide me. (Eric secretly took some pictures of me painting last night, but I haven’t seen them yet!)

When the trees had dried, I started sorting my (millions of) buttons–I wanted really small ones that wouldn’t overwhelm the branches.

Gluing them on was easy as pie: I used a Q-tip to put the glue where I wanted it, and just stuck the buttons on. Since they are so light, you don’t need a really heavy-duty glue. I did have to do it in several sittings, though, because my back needed a break from hunching over my button pile. Back-friendly crafting is always recommended!

Then I just had to wait for the buttons to dry, and think about where to hang the paintings! I like them side by side, so they sort of look like bright shadows of each other. I also love how in this picture the buttons on the table look like fallen leaves. 🙂

These are just little 8×10 canvases, but I’d love to make some more of these on a larger scale and play with different color schemes. Fun! Let me know if you make some–I’d love to see them!


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