A Week in the Life (In Pictures)

It has been one week since Eric and I got our iPhones, and we have been loving them! One of my favorite things about it is being able to have all my snapshots at my fingertips. I like the idea of snapshots in particular because the term speaks to pictures taken in passing–ones that are maybe not your professional shot of the Eiffel Tower, but ones that capture tiny moments that would have otherwise been forgotten or missed (we all know how I feel about moments!) I took a ton of pictures when I was out for a walk today, and I decided to put together a little “Week in the Life” from my pictures taken thus far. The little beauties above were found at our farmer’s market, where we usually spend our Saturday mornings.

This is my bedtime reading. I am slowly working my way through Louis de BernièresCaptain Corelli’s Mandolin. It surprises me sometimes how much I like books about war, but I think it’s because they capture so much of history.

This week our couch was delivered! Yay! Now we sort of have a functional living room!

Eric made this amazing curried butternut squash and lentil dish for dinner this week. He found it in our new Gourmet Today cookbook. It was insanely delicious!

I stopped by our local library on a busy errand-filled day. It is so gorgeous.

Eric and I have been playing some games on our iPhones. It cracks me up when we are sitting right next to each other, challenging each other in the iPhone version of Scrabble. Good Times.

I found these baby apples, actually labeled “baby apples” at the grocery store. So cute!

I got another de Bernières novel, Birds Without Wings, at the library, and was thrilled to find this beautiful map when I opened it. I love maps, and I especially love them in books! They are a good sign that either the author or the characters (or both!) are going to be doing some heavy-duty geographical, spatial, and chronotopical thinking. A dear friend of mine, whose literary opinions I trust wholeheartedly, recommended this novel to me years ago, and she even lent it to me, but I was too dissertation-crazed to read it. Now I am making up for lost time.

I have been working on finishing my Dostoevsky chapter this week (yay, I sent it off to the committee this morning!), and it required me to refer to my old copy of The Idiot. I was amused by my manic marginal notes. I think Dostoevsky would have approved.

I got two shots this week, one for the flu and one for pertussis. My arm is so sore. I am a wimp, I think.

As I’ve been powering through my revisions this week, I could not have made it without my afternoon cup of tea. I have a huge tin of Ahmad Earl Grey that I bought myself as a prize after I passed my PhD exams. I was still wearing my suit. No joke. I love this tea, and I love remembering that sunny and happy day.

This afternoon, in a celebratory walk (which Eric might call a victory lap!) I stopped in to Anthropologie because it is always a visual treat. With my iPhone I could covertly and conveniently take pictures of the things I liked, like this gorgeous skirt. I love the color and the detailing, and I wonder if I could create a similar effect in something I made myself.

I love love love brightly colored bags like this. Lately I am having a bit of a green obsession too (can you tell?!)

I really liked the shape and color of this dress. (Green again, I know!)

And I have coveted bowls like this for a long time. They remind me La Note in Berkeley, everyone’s favorite place for a truly French brunch.

And finally, I adore this display. I have gone back to Anthro several times just to stare at it. What an amazing idea, and how beautiful it is. I love it! I hope you all enjoyed your week as much I did! Happy weekend!

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