The Red and the Teal

When I first starting putting outfits together, I wore an awful lot of red and black. No joke, I used to quiz my colleagues as to which Stendhal novel I was dressed as (I know, I know, I am the queen of nerds, but you will just have to believe me that most people found it at least mildly amusing!) I still love that combo, but I try to mix things up too, since I’m a die-hard fan of color blocking.

I have always loved red and teal together, but I was most recently inspired by Vanessa’s outfit over at Snappy and Savvy. It’s not hard to be inspired by her, and indeed, hers was the first style blog I found that I really loved and felt I was learning tons of cool stuff from; I wrote lots of ecstatic comments on her Chictopia page, like, “You are completely amazing!” And she is:)

I thought her red and teal look was so gorgeous that I had to pay a little homage! This red dress, again, no joke, was given to me by my best friend way back when we were in high school. She has given me so many amazing hand-me-downs! The sweater vest is from my favorite thrift store of ALL TIME, the Bargain Barn in Memphis (pity that I only get to go twice a year at best!) The necklace is from my favorite clothing exchange party in Oakland (I miss it so much! Pasadena/LA ladies: want to have a clothing swap party?!) And the heels are my highest Nine West stilettos, retrieved from abandonment at my husband’s old apartment, and always ready for wobbly walking action!

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