The Pantry

I’ve always liked the idea of a well-stocked kitchen. When I’d come home for Christmas, I’d always be amazed that my parents just happened to have a can of diced tomatoes, some dried black beans, and all the couscous you could ever want. What a revelation! I’ve never had a kitchen that really accomodates that kind of storage, but I am making the best of it!

One of the things I’ve always imagined in the perfect kitchen is a display of dry goods in Mason jars: so elegant, so useful! Until now, I didn’t really have a place for them, but in our new kitchen we have this nice window from the kitchen to the living room, and I knew that was where the jars should live.

Eric and I found some solid half gallon jars at the hardware store for a totally reasonable price, and I set about filling mine up! Here is my beloved quinoa and white beans, brown rice and red lentils! I still have a few jars to fill (black beans and chickpeas, I am looking for you!), but for now these are serving us well, and reminding me when I need to stock up on things. My love for beans and grains knows no bounds–this afternoon I left the store with couscous, quinoa, and Israeli couscous, and thought, “Ah, now I can make it through the week!” I am just glad I am addicted to something that is pretty affordable, and pretty good for you:)

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