Labor Day Love

I’ve always loved Labor Day and appreciated the break it brings to a busy fall–who doesn’t? This year Eric and I spent most of the day working on various things around the house, but it’s all worth it to be moving further in the direction of unpacked and settled in our new place.

We took a break this afternoon to walk over to Caltech, where he took these photos in the warm sunshine. It’s not quite the beach, but it was a beautiful interlude to a busy day! I put my hair up in a high bun, which I haven’t done in ages, simply because it seemed like the best thing to do in the heat, and I put on this sweet key necklace that my cousin gave me ages ago.

I have long referred to this blouse, acquired so long ago I can’t even remember which thrift store it’s from, as my teacher shirt. The ruffles make me feel kind of authoritative in a 70s Spanish class sort of way. The belt is from the beloved Bargain Barn, and I actually found these shorts at Sears! They are almost the only ones I own, so they have been getting a lot of use in this steamy weather!

I do love Labor Day, but the love in the title of this post also refers to the photography session, because when your husband will spend 20 minutes kneeling in the grass during a heat wave taking your picture, and actually *enjoy* it, that is love. 🙂

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