How to Organize Your Earrings

I have a fair amount of what I lovingly refer to as “bling.” I adore the bright colors and charm of my jewelry, and how it can really make an outfit or just brighten my day! Since we moved, I have been taking the opportunity to re-think how all this said bling is arranged. While my necklaces and bracelets were in some kind of order (more on this later), my earrings always kind of looked like this:

A big blob of beauty, but not very useful when you are looking for the second earring in a pair, or even trying to see what you have. At the risk of sounding like one of those unintentionally hilarious informercials that make up problems for their products to solve (I resisted the urge to start this post with the phrase: “Ladies! Are you tired of your earrings looking like this?! Well, I have the solution for you!”), I do kind of have a solution, and, best of all, it will not cost you four easy installments of $39.99, but will actually cost you more like about $10 or less. Yes!

So, let’s get started! What do you need? First, some ordinary wire cloth from the hardware store. (Before I found this stuff, I was thinking of using peg board, but wire cloth is much easier to use, especially if you are hanging studs, because of its larger openings.) I got mine at Orchard Supply Hardware for $10, and most hardware stores will have it, usually with the building supplies, wrapped up in neat little rolls.

You can also get wire cloth in just about every size and length imaginable through McMaster Carr, and they also have awesomely fast shipping. I chose a roll with medium-small openings at a length of five feet, and it was pretty much perfect for me, but you can adjust based on how much bling you have.

Next, you’ll need a hammer, some nails, and some good sturdy gloves, since the wire cloth can have sharp edges that would injure your pretty hands.

Put on your gloves, unroll the wire cloth, and lay it out flat with some heavy books on top to straighten out the curves. Russian literature will always do the trick!

When it’s sufficiently flat (I let mine rest for half an hour or so), put your gloves back on, pick it up, and nail it to the wall in the top corners, along the sides, and at the bottom. That’s it–you’re all done!

Now just put your earrings up however you like! Studs will also stay up easily, since they fit right into the corners. You could also hang bracelets or necklaces on it, or anything that has a clasp! I hope you have fun taking your pile of earrings from this:

To this!

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