High Belting

I have this strange ability to remember my dreams with deep clarity. It’s a blessing and a curse, depending on what kind of dream you have–I’ve spent plenty of mornings in a funk trying to forget the images that danced across my brain while I was sleeping, but every now and again, you get a real gem. Sometimes I’ve dreamed up the solutions to complicated work problems, sometimes, like last night, actually, I dream up a lovely holiday with my grandparents, who are no longer here on earth, and every now and again I even dream that I can fly (I always try flapping my arms when I wake up, but, alas, no lift-off yet!)

And sometimes my dreams present me with exciting ideas that would probably never occur to me in my waking hours. A few nights ago I had such a dream, in which I was wearing a dress with a belt fastened not at my waist but just under my arms. I woke up excited to give it a try, and after a bit of experimenting, I like this first ensemble that puts the idea to use.

It seems like a perfect way to give a pop of color to a dress that is already fitted and doesn’t need a belt. This red polka dot dress, which I *adore*, was actually one of my first DIY projects. I found it at my most beloved thrift ftore, and it was wayyyy too big for me, so I put it on my homemade mannequin (more on this later!), pinned it, and took it in until it fit me. Voila! I’m excited to try high belting with some of my other dresses and blouses–if you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!

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