Coming Up Roses

When I lived in the Bay area, I would wait longingly for the first day warm enough to open my windows and let a cool breeze come in. After months and months of wind and rain, it always felt like a small miracle to have a bright and sunny day, and it was. Now that we live in Pasadena, I find myself in the opposite position: waiting for a day that is cool enough to open the windows. It has been pretty unceasingly hot since we moved here (and I’m not complaining–hot is where I come from, and it makes me feel at home, and gives me a reason to jump in the pool!), and yesterday was the first truly cool day. It was gray and cloudy when we got up, and cold enough that I pulled on a sweater.

Fall is absolutely my favorite season: I love the colors, the sweaters, the brisk breeze, and the promise of pumpkins and spice in the oven, perfuming the whole apartment. So I threw on my boots and went out to greet it! One of the great things about our neighborhood is that there are so many beautiful places to take pictures. The building behind me, a lovely 1954 design, is just a block from our place.

This outfit is mostly comprised of things that were given to me, like this beloved necklace. It is made from a vintage map of Petersburg (then Leningrad), which is a city with such a special place in my heart. I studied there in college and then went back for an internship at the Dostoevsky museum. Petersburg is the first city I ever fell in love with, so I like to have it close to my heart. My love for maps knows no bounds, so you can imagine how I felt when I opened this up on Christmas morning!

The pretty skirt is from my Besfrinn, who regularly passes her treasures on to me. Both tops are from clothing exchange parties, and the boots ($1!) are from my most favorite thrift store. The belt is from the suit I wore to my PhD exams–I love how delicate it is. I hope you are all enjoying fall as much as I am!

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