Birthday Dress

I’m a firm believer that everyone should get to wear their favorite color for their birthday, so I, of course, broke out the purple (with a shiny belt to boot!)

My awesome aunt Ellen gave me this dress over the summer, and I love wearing it on warm days (I practically lived in it while we were moving!) The little ruffle at the bottom makes it fun!

The yellow necklace is there for a pop of color, and my heels are old classics–my mom and I bought them on the eve of my PhD exams, and they’ve been solid ever since.  This side twist is a style I’ve been playing with the past few days–anything to get my hair off my neck! I kind of like the look of a floral arrangement it gives, especially with this little pearl clip.

Happily, I finished editing a chapter yesterday (yesss!), so today I am taking the day off for baking, shopping, a few fun projects, and a birthday dinner with Eric. The perfect day! 🙂

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