Baby Doll in Red and Black

My besfrinn gave me this sweet dress over the summer, and I have been wearing it a lot these past few weeks! (Semi-related bit of excitement: said besfrinn and her husband are expecting! I’m going to be an auntie! Yay!)

These are my same beloved $1 boots from the thrift store, and, while I can’t recall exactly, I am sure that this belt is of the same provenance. I put it up high, continuing my little experiments in that arena.

These earrings are from the Depot in Oakland, home of countless treasures! The purse is from the Bargain Barn too, and always makes me giggle: the first time I met my husband’s hilarious brother, I had just made a trip to the thrift store and bought this purse and an enormous hot pink belt. I was telling Eric’s brother, who also loves a bargain, about my awesome haul, and he decided to model the belt and the purse to express his enthusiasm! He cracks me up!

Oh man, some of these photos are really poorly lit, and that’s an ongoing project of mine–I mean, to make them better. Our house is full of challenges, but the biggest one, as I’ve mentioned before, is that we get absolutely no natural light. Eric and I are working on a  couple of fixes for this, about which I am really excited! I am so grateful to have a husband who is truly my partner, who is concerned about everything that concerns me.  He is a gift in more ways than I can enumerate. So, while it makes me sad to post photos that aren’t really there yet, he makes it easier to see this as a work in progress. 🙂

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