Hot Hot Heat

It’s been so sweltering these past few days that every morning I am faced with the same challenge: what can I wear that will feel the most like nothing at all? Today I pulled on my favorite summer dress, which my sweet mom bought me for my birthday several years ago at Zara. I added this little vest for some shape and the red belt for a little pop of color. The vest was actually a sweater that I adapted–I just cut off the sleeves, added some darts, and voila!

It ended up being the perfect thing for a day spent even partly in the sun.  This afternoon Eric and I went to check out the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and he very kindly took these shots. A husband who will do this in such weather is pure gold.

I am always so inspired by people who manage to dress fashionably in the summer. It’s thrilling to be able to pull out the sundresses, for sure, but when the heat crosses the line into something that feels reminiscent of an oven, I lose all will to even wear jewelry. But at least lipstick comes to the rescue!


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