365 Project

One of my favorite projects over the past few years has been the 365 project. The basic idea is that you take and post one picture every day for a year. It’a an incredible way to create visual memories, and I especially appreciate the fact that it makes me more aware of the beauty in the small things that make up our day-to-day life. (I’m a total sucker for the aestheticization of the quotidian, so you can see how this would be right up my alley!)

I got the idea from my awesome friend Melissa, who was inspired by this post on PhotoJojo to try the project. I loved seeing her gorgeous photographs and hearing about what caught her eye on a daily basis. Since we’ve never lived in the same place, it’s also a great way to keep in touch!

An added benefit is that the project gives you so much practice at photography and an ever-present opportunity to learn more about your camera. There is always more to learn, but I am grateful for all the things I’ve figured out along the way.

The image at the top of this post is a compilation of all of my pictures from the first year of the project. My sweet husband (then fiancé) downloaded all 365 of them, put them in one mosaic image, and printed it for me for Christmas last year. When a dear friend of mine saw the picture, she said that Eric is truly a wonder, and I have to agree!

I am now in my second year of the project, and I couldn’t really imagine my life without it. If you have any inclination to try it, I would really encourage you to give it a shot. And if you do, please send me the link! I’d love to see what your daily life looks like:)



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